Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Silver Lake Partners V - ?!

NOW this is what I'm talking about - !!! Silver Lake has raised an incredible amount of money for its fifth buyout fund. 'How much, boss? $1 billion?' Ha! 'All right. $2 billion then.' Ha! Ha! 'Er ... $3 billion? Not $3 billion, surely?' Ha! Ha! Ha! Christ! I feel like Count von Count from Sesame Street. 'How much, boss? FFS!' Okay, okay. $15 billion, Voice. 'You're having a laugh, man. Silver Lake must be having a laugh.' No, I'm serious. And they're serious. $15 billion. 'Wow!' They actually wanted $12.5 billion, but they just went nuts and went for the cool $15 billion, you dig? You've got to take your hat off to them. 'I haven't got a hat, boss.' Haven't you got an astral hat, for your astral head? 'Yeah, I've got an astral hat, which I wear on my astral head, sometimes, special occasions, like.' Well, put it on, because this is a special occasion, man. 'Okay.' Now take it off.

Sorry, reader(s). I can't get the staff. / Anyway, Silver Lake ...

Silver Lake is the global leader in technology investing, with about $39 billion in combined assets under management and committed capital and a team of approximately 100 investment and value creation professionals located around the world. Dedicated to the thesis that the dynamism and rapid pace of innovation in global technology demand intensely focused domain expertise, Silver Lake differentiates itself from generalist investment firms by devoting its full scope of talent and intellectual capital to the singular mission of investing in the world’s leading technology companies and tech-enabled businesses. Applying the strategic insights of an experienced industry participant, the operating skill of a world-class management team, and the investing capabilities of a leading private equity firm, Silver Lake leverages the deep knowledge and expertise of a global team based in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

And, uh ... 'Peckham?' No, no. Where was I? 'Are you going to take your hat off, boss?' I don't have a hat. 'You have a cap. That green one.' It's in my rucksack, in the wardrobe. 'Well, get it out!' No, no. I can't be bothered. 'Oh, but you want me -' Shut up, you bloody idiot! / Jesus H. - !!! I'm just going to wish the Silver Lake guys all the best with the new fund. 'Okay. Go on then.' / Hey, Silver Lake guys, all the best, yeah?

That should do it.


Anything else? No, not really. I'll be writing, spinning ... No. 505 later. I want to get the work done quickly this week, so I can deal with my pain, yeah, rest a bit until the weekend, and then maybe start playing the guitar again on Sunday. I ain't got all the time in the world, kook(s).

Anyway, laters.