Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Gold and silver are safe

And they're beautiful to look at, apparently. Or something like that. 'What's this, boss?' PR email, Voice. Gold and silver, from Goldcore. They reckon they are safe, and beautiful. But Bitcoin ain't. [Is it Bitcoin or bitcoin? I don't know. Maybe both. I know what Mikeycoin is. I use a capital M because it's my name.] Look -

There is still a huge amount of noise in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space but there have been a few developments of late which have pushed the space further into maturity.

From what I can tell from dinner party conversations people who are vaguely aware of bitcoin now know that there are two terms they need to throw into the chat in order to sound like they know what they are talking about. These two terms are ICO and Fork.

Price is also a major talking point at present. As ever the price of bitcoin remains volatile and headline-worthy.

This week will mark a point in cryptocurrency history as the most powerful of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin will experience a major technical change and the US regulator SEC has just made a significant announcement about fundraising in the space.

So, they say bitcoin, small b. / There's more here. Not an endorsement, you understand, dear reader(s). You'll have to make your own mind up. Personally, I'm putting all my money into baked beans. When the Brexit apocalypse comes, I want to be ready.

Oh, just out of interest, reader(s), what do you think is worse, Trump or Brexit? Answers on a postcard. The winner gets a biscuit. 'What sort of biscuit, boss?' A Jammie Dodger. 'Nice.' / No, not really. There is no prize. With Brexit, I can't actually afford Jammie Dodgers any more. Not to give away, like.

Trump or Brexit? It's hard to say. / Right-wing nutjobs like to imagine that the West is in decline. Well, if it is, it's because of them, man. If you vote for stupid stuff, then stupid stuff is what you get. Pretty simple, really.

However, I don't care. I seek refuge in music these days. Don't talk to me about politics. This is a music blog. 'Er ... it's a finance blog, boss.' That's what I meant, Voice. Leave me alone!

I'm going to be playing my guitar for the rest of the day, and I'm going to try to write two new tunes. 'Ambitious!' You bet your ass! 'Well, good luck, Mikey!' Thanks, son.

Ah, laters, yeah?