Monday, 21 August 2017

Most UK residents have less than one month's salary in savings ...

Well, well ... it's not exactly news, dear reader(s). No one has any money. 'No one has ever had any money, boss. Only the rich. But they like to pretend that everyone can get their hands on some. It's a shame, really.' Yes, thank you, Voice.

A recent UK wide survey conducted by Paymentsense has revealed that 45.5m UK residents have less than one month's salary set aside in savings. In addition to this, the study also found that 30% of us don't in fact have any money set aside in a savings account, to protect us from unforeseen circumstances.

Okay, okay. It's a PR email. As I say, it's not news, but it's certainly something to think about. Imagine what the situation will be like when we get the Brexit apocalypse in a couple of years. 'It doesn't bear thinking about, boss. Of course, the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage will be okay. Oh, they'll be sitting pretty, they will. Ha!' Will you shut up, Voice? Please!

It also seems that many of us may in fact be leaning on credit cards to keep us in the black, with over 66% of survey respondents admitting that they owned one or more credit cards and a staggering 79% of those credit card owners confirming that they use these cards as a means to backup expenses.

Credit cards! An invention of the devil! 'Ha! But you've got your American Express diamond card, haven't you?' What?! 'That card, man. Made out of pure diamond.' Don't be an idiot! / Don't listen to him, reader(s).

Well, what are people saving for? (I mean, those who can save ...)

So those with savings, what are they saving for? The new findings show that 21% make a holiday their top priority. The percentages were lower when it came to long-term saving goals - like buying a house (10%) and retirement (17%). Just 9% of people save for their children's futures, which might include education fees or deposit for a first home.

Christ! They don't care about their kids. Unbelievable! 'Boss, money is the root of all evil!' Right, Voice, that's enough. Fuck off now, please. / Okay. Spokesperson time ...

A spokesperson from Paymentsense commented, "There's no denying it - it's harder to save now than it's ever been and as a result many of us are falling back on credit cards and loans to keep ourselves in the black. With many of us reflecting on our childhoods and wishing we had taken heed more around advice to budget more, refrain from buying things we can't afford and save more, maybe it's time to reflect on the size of our rainy day fund and top it up a little."

And that's it. All the "news" that's fit to put on the internet this morning.


Anything else? Not a lot. I'll be working on a conceptual later. You know how I like to get a-ROUND.

Music? My music? I've nearly finished the lyric for my new song. It should make fourth place on the demo. 'That fourth song you've already got is a potential classic, Mikey.' Well, thank you, Voice. It's very nice of you to say so.

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