Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Maitland has bought R&H Fund Services

Or it's going to buy R&H Fund Services (Guernsey) Ltd soon. 'Acquire, boss.' What, Voice? 'Maitland Group is going to acquire R&H.' What's the difference? 'Well, to me, it suggests that Maitland isn't paying any money for it.' What?! Ha! That would be outrageous, man. Of course they're paying. 'Then why are they talking about "acquire", boss?' Oh, you know nothing. It's just a poncey way of talking, that's all. It means they bought R&H. 'They haven't it bought it yet.' They're going to buy it! Please shut up.

Okay. About Maitland Group -

Maitland is a global advisory, administration and family office firm providing seamless legal, fiduciary, investment and fund administration services to private, corporate and institutional clients across multiple jurisdictions.

Our tailored solutions embrace complexity to deliver simplicity by combining our talent, one-firm approach and best-of-breed multi-jurisdictional platforms.

We are privately owned and fully independent with 18 offices in 13 jurisdictions, 1,400 employees and over $280 billion in assets under administration.

We leverage our strong values and a collaborative culture to develop and maintain trusted relationships with our clients.

That sounds all right, don't it, dear reader(s)? / The good news is, no one at R&H is going to lose their job. 'All's well that ends well.' Exactly, Voice! And it's not even the end. They probably have a very exciting future. 'Let's hope so.' Yes.


Yes, let's hope we all have a very exciting future. Let's hope the ex-game-show host doesn't release fire and fury.

Anything else? No, not a lot. I'll be writing another post this afternoon, my last of the week. 'Oh, early finish.' Yes, early finish. Then I'll be taking a week off. 'Nice.' Yes.

Still no PR emails. Everyone's gone off somewhere. And there's no news, much. I don't know what I'm going to write about later. I really don't. 'What's happening at Aviva Investors, boss?' Ha! Apparently, they're upset about the awful weather we've been having. They can't go to the park when it's like winter. 'But they have the pub.' Yes. They'll always have the pub ...