Monday, 7 August 2017

Not so many redemptions at Och-Ziff Capital Management

Okay, okay. Look at the sky, grey. Oh dear. / I don't feel like writing about finance today. Or this week, really. I guess you feel the same, dear reader(s), eh? I mean, everyone is on holiday. [Where's the sun?] I should imagine you're on holiday. Are you somewhere nice? 'Ha!' Just one question, my friend(s): Why are you reading this blog when you're on holiday? Jesus H. - !!! Do you still keep up with the financial news even when you're on holiday? 'You ain't got no financial news, anyway, boss.' Well, no, Voice. No one has sent me any PR emails, and I can't be bothered to go looking for news. 'What about this Och-Ziff stuff?' Eh? Oh, that. It's nothing really. There were loads of redemptions at Och-Ziff. So many in fact that they started singing Bob Marley's Redemption Song in the office. 'Ha!' Yeah. But things are getting better now. Fewer investors are pulling their money out. The legal problems are going away, and performance is improving.

All's well that ends well, maybe.


So, er ... anything else? Music? My music? Uh ... good news! I've got all the tunes I need for an album. 'Yippee!' Shout it, Voice! 'YIPPEE!!!' I just need four lyrics to finish off. With all the music done, I now have a proper vision for the album and how it will be. I'm confident that as long as it's recorded in a competent manner, it'll get in the top five with The Stone Roses, Revolver, OK Computer, etc. [What do you think I've been doing for the last seven years, dear reader(s), picking my nose?] 'Well, what about the Citizen Kane of albums, Mikey?' Ha! That remains to be seen. The number one spot. It's a serious problem that you can't do anything new in music these days. Look at Radiohead! They've spent the last twenty years screwing around, obviously imagining that they're doing something new. But they ain't doing anything new, son.

Never mind. It's only rock and roll. I like it though.