Monday, 12 December 2011

Goldman Sachs is giving Todd Edgar $150 million!

At least. / At least that much. It could be ... / For his new hedge fund ... which doesn't even have a fucking name yet. Goldman might give him as much $200 million. [Two hundred million dollars!] I / I'm going to have to speak to Lloyd about this. Seriously, I mean. Please. Don't get me wrong now. No! Todd is a dear friend, a personal friend of mine, and I wish him all the best, BUT Lloyd never ever paid me anywhere near this amount AND: Goldman's success over the last few years has been down to me (mostly). [What I've done for the bank!] I was the one who introduced Goldman Sachs to mystical capitalism (or should it be: introduced mystical capitalism to Goldman Sachs? Does it matter?) Me! I / I didn't get hundreds of millions of dollars, did I? No, I didn't get hundreds of millions of dollars, no. It's not fair.

But life isn't fair. / How fair would it be if I snatched Todd Edgar's consciousness and threw it into the pit? (I wouldn't do this, obviously. He's a dear friend, a personal friend. Why would I hurt him?) Or put a curse on him? It wouldn't be fair at all. Todd should be careful. I'm not saying I would snatch his consciousness and throw it into the pit, or put a curse on him, but someone might. Maybe one of my followers, one of my mad admirers, someone with shamanic ability, who may just think that I've been treated badly by Lloyd. [Fucker.] Might snatch Lloyd's consciousness as well, or put a curse on him. I don't know. This is all fantasy at the moment. I haven't given the order yet. Not that I would give any order to one of my underlings. What sort of sha/man do you take me for? Lloyd and Todd are dear friends, personal friends of mine. I don't hurt my friends. Oh, I know I assassinated Big Herb in the astral night, but he was more of a business associate. Lloyd and Todd are friends. (Though I did do a lot of business with Lloyd, so ...) I like Lloyd and Todd. That doesn't mean I could protect them if some lunatic decided to put a curse on them ... or something, snatch their consciousness nesses ness; HOWEVER, I would try my best to take an interest in whatever was happening, unless I was busy ... maybe washing my hair or cutting my toenails.

BUT do you know what? If I were Lloyd or Todd, I would want peace of mind - before it's taken forever. Yes, I would want to get on the phone (soon) to the world's foremost financial shaman (me) and say: 'Mikey, we're going to give you 10 per cent of the money. Fifteen to twenty million dollars. There's enough for everyone. It's Christmas, for Christ's sake!' NOW, that would be a classy thing to do. I would appreciate an offer like that. I probably wouldn't accept it - I was actually thinking of 20 per cent - but it would be a good way for them to open negotiations. I feel pretty confident that I could get them up to 20 per cent. How? How would I / I ... listen, I would just show them a picture of Big Herb with his throat cut. Not very subtle, no, but ... I'm an animal!