Monday, 30 April 2012

Kelvin Woo has a cool name, that's all I know

People askin' me, is I gon' give my chain back. That'll be the same day I give the game back - Kanye West

If you haven't already guessed, his name is Kelvin Woo. Sounds like a rock star or something. Unfortunately, he's just another hedge fund manager. / This one (Kelvin) is leaving GLG/Man/whatever with his mate Joey Zhang to form ... a new hedge fund, some Asia-focused macro stuff - shame! And I had such high hopes for these two. (Well, Mr Woo, anyway.) We're talking Hong Kong, mild-mannered janitors and all that. Never mind.

And while we're discussing rock stars, I’m making progress with my Gilly, Gilly lyric. It's going to be super cool words to a super cool tune. You better believe it, baby. It'll be played on the radio thirty or forty years from now. Basically, I'm saying I'm really optimistic. So please excuse me if I seem a little distracted from my blogging. I'm close to two great songs. I need three. Once I have them, I'll calm down a bit and pay more attention to my revolutionary conceptual literature. I've just got so much going on at the moment! I don't even want to sleep any more! I was lying awake in bed at three this morning, thinking: 'Fuck this shit, man! I ain't got no time for sleeping.'

So, laters. I'll be back tomorrow with a couple of posts, I promise.

Update (3.50pm): I've written two lines of my lyric today. I'm confident I'll be ready to record my demo sometime in the summer of 2027. Jesus H. Christ.