Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I don't like all this algorithmic trading that Vulpes is going in for

Shall we move straight to the music update? Or stick with this? Or maybe discuss how this country ain't a proper democracy no more, now that we have missiles on roofs? (You wait. Cameron will be going around soon with a holster and golden pistol.) No, let's deal with Vulpes Investment Management and its new suite of algorithmic global equity funds. Whatever. I haven't got any time for algorithmic trading. I think it's an abomination, and you know why. One word: mysticism. I don't need to say more than that, do I? 'No, you don't, Mr Fowke. I believe you've nearly finished that lyric of yours.' Thank you, Voice. Yes, nearly finished. There was a quick burst of inspiration late last night. (God knows where it came from. Maybe it was a gift from God. Stranger things have happened at sea.) I only need six more lines. Six! Then I'm done. I'm getting excited! 'Even more excited?!' Yeah. Even more excited. 'Wow!'


I'll be working on one of my conceptual posts after lunch. (No. 9.) The only sort of posts I have any enthusiasm for these days. 'One must be absolutely modern.' The Voice? No, Rimbaud. Not only have I abandoned the old forms and the printing press but I've abandoned old-style literary blogging as well. Well, nearly abandoned. One day, I'll remove the adverts, and I won't care about any sort of Google ranking. Yes, one day. Then I'll be free to do what I want. However, I'll have to make it as a songwriter first. Songs will set me free! This is my master plan. I'm an evil genius!

Update (11.00pm): I've finished Gilly, Gilly at last, but I'm not sure it's the total classic I was looking for. I haven't recorded it yet. I'll know better tomorrow. It's certainly good enough to go in third place on a demo. I'll have to do something special for my next song though.