Monday 14 May 2012

Nate Singer has just left school and has already got himself a hedge fund!

The kid is sixteen years old, for Christ's sake! Isn't it true, that as you get older, the hedge fund managers seem to get younger? I've noticed that. Anyway, it's going to be called Angel Island Partners or some shit. Yeah, an island with a load of angels running around. I can dig that. This kid has got a lot of class. But will he get any work done? That's the question.

Well, that's enough about Nate. I'm sure we'll hear more of him, one day, but not today. Today, I ain't got much to say. So this post will soon be over. I always feel cold at the beginning of the week. I've got to set fire to my mind, man! It takes time. I'll be ready tomorrow. Today, I'm gonna play my guitar after lunch. I'm in the mood for having another go at those lyrics for my second song. It's gonna be a nice summery song, just like they used to write.