Thursday, 3 May 2012

Centaurus Advisors is shutting down

Another hedge fund bites the dust. John Arnold has had enough. I know how he feels. After seventeen years as an energy trader, Mr Arnold wants to pursue "other interests". So, he's returning capital to investors. It's all right for some. I wish I could pursue "other interests". I'll never escape the blood and fire.

And that's why I’m doing the conceptual thing now, to show how trapped I am. (No. 10 will be along later.) And I don't care what anyone thinks. It's a private matter, really. And I'm not an entertainer. Not any more. I'm sick of trying to "appeal". There's nothing serious about the writers who want to please. Of course, it's different with music. I ain't no Stockhausen with the music, man. However, I'm going to stop the updates because progress is so slow. / I hope my angel isn't upset about the abandoned lyric. There'll be other songs. She's still my number one muse. I just can't write about her, directly, you dig? I'll have to do it indirectly. / Everything's going to work out fine. I got a feeling.