Monday, 28 May 2012

I'm listening to Brian Eno's Apollo again

Yes, I’m listening to Brian Eno's Apollo again - because it's that time in the night/morning. I won't get to sleep until about five BECAUSE I don't want to sleep ... now. It's nothing more complicated than that. I don't want to sleep. Not until later/earlier.

My bohemian nightmare actually makes sense when I'm wide awake at a time when most people are asleep. Of course, I'll be fighting off ghosts at four or so. (So I'll wait till five.) They don't scare me no more. Ghosts? I shit 'em. Sleep paralysis? Do me a favour!

There are so many stars and planets and that. Obviously, I won't be writing about ETFs. / When I die, I'm hoping my soul/consciousness will just fly off into outer space. It's the only way to travel. You don't need rockets when you're dead. You can just pick a place and go there - in a second. That's what I reckon. The ghosts? The ghosts are the ones who were thinking about ETFs while they were alive. Or they could have been thinking about cars, or beer, or their favourite TV programmes. Things that held them back, yeah? Nothing's going to hold me back. Nothing.


A big spider got in the other night. I said to myself: 'I'm gonna need a bigger lemon.'


If you were negative about everything even when you had no reason to be but then changed to being positive about everything even when you had no reason to be, what would happen?


The scum in power want everyone to be slaves. (I mean, everyone who is poor or who isn't family or a personal friend.) Why don't they work for nothing if it's so wonderful? / Why do the most disgusting human beings in the world always gravitate towards politics? / I hope there's a God. (Actually, I know there is. You can't have ghosts without God. That's common sense. Besides, I have other proof.) He'll fuck these people in the end. There will be justice.