Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Bodhi attitude

I like that Bodhi in Point Break. The game's over. The Feds have tracked him down. So what does he do? He gets on his surfboard and goes off into eternity. That's the way to be. It's the way to live. The right attitude. The squares can say: 'We'll get him when he comes back in.' He's not coming back.

You know there's no way I can handle a cage, man. Everyday life is a cage. Working for nothing. Working just to survive. But there's no reason to survive. Oh, when do we want to die, now or later? Let's put it off for twenty years, thirty years, forty years ... Let's get healthy and stay healthy. We'll be the healthiest zombies in the care home! When are we going to live? Real living, not just breathing. I mean, serious living where you actually feel alive. / How alive was Bodhi just before he died?


I'll be doing the conceptual thing later, No. 12. / I love it. By showing how trapped I am, I become free - for a while. No fucker can touch me when I'm in that zone.