Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Nothing again

I love the rain. It washes memories off the sidewalk of life. - Woody Allen

I can hardly get a signal for my internet, so there might be something somewhere. But there's no way I'm going to find out about it. We're stuck with this, nothing. I'll be doing a conceptual later, No. 13. Maybe about Greece, I don't know. Don't put any pressure on me. I've had a hard life, and it ain't getting any easier.

I love to love, but my baby just loves to dance. I'm really fed up. Forget Tina Charles. I'm listening to Donna Summer. Could it be magic? I have no idea. I feel love. That's the main thing. Got a bit of connection, but distracted now. Emails, women. I want to be free. / There's a place. This is filth.

I might leave No. 13 until tomorrow. My head is all chaos. I can't concentrate. There are so many things I've got to do. So many problems. I wish my life were simple. Like Costner's life at the end of Fandango. He just goes away.

At least I ain't superficial. Pain goes deep. So does pleasure.

It's nothing again, and again, and again.