Wednesday, 2 May 2012

It's just this, that's all

I'm hoping there'll be some news tomorrow, but there's none today. And there's nothing I can do about it. / We don't care about no news anyway, do we? I mean, we're all sophisticated and shit. Just think, man. We go beyond, yeah? And we see what's beyond. Nothing can beat that. So what are you worried about?

I'm listening to Stevie Wonder at the moment to get in the mood for recording later on. Obviously, I can't sing like Stevie. (I can hardly sing at all.) But Gilly, Gilly has got to be a bit groovy. Do you know what I mean? I hope you dig it, child(ren). Or am I just wasting my time, telling you all this stuff?

Listen to Sir Duke or Master Blaster (Jammin'). The words (the way they're sung) seem to grip the melody rather than merely rest on top of it. That's what I want for Gilly, Gilly. / In the recording of my first song, the words float on the melody - which is fine for that particular song. As I've said already, I can't afford to pay for professional demos. I have to do the best I can by myself.

I'll reckon there'll be some news tomorrow. A new hedge fund will launch. Or the dead shark will bite a banker. / And I'll get stuck in it, round and round, no doubt. What a life, eh?

Update (6.40pm): I've recorded Gilly, Gilly now, and it's crap, I'm afraid. It sounds like Herman's Hermits in my worst nightmare. The music's all right, but I'll have to write a different lyric to it. There's no point in engaging in wishful thinking. It means more work, then.