Thursday, 17 July 2014

Andrew Main can't leave it alone

Finance, I mean. / Andy is supposed to be retiring from Stratton Street Capital. (He's one of the four founders, apparently.) Instead, he's staying on as a "consultant". I suppose he thinks it means he'll be working part-time, but you know how these things go, dear reader(s). He'll be in the office one morning, "consulting", then someone will ask him to stay for a few hours in the afternoon because of some bullshit emergency. (As if!) Andy will have to cancel golf with his friends. He'll stay for the afternoon, then into the evening. He'll probably leave around midnight. 'Ha!' And you can be sure that they'll ask him to be in again at 5.00am. And that will happen every day!

Retiring, ha! / Andy, mate, if you want to retire, you've got to do it properly. Walk away from those squares at Stratton Street, and tell them they'll never see your face again. Spell it out to them! Make them understand, man! Mark, Trevor and that other Andy will take advantage of you otherwise. 'They'll take the piss, boss.' Of course they will, Voice! / There ain't no such things as halfway crooks. You either in, Andy, or you're out.

[And the crook thing? Don't get upset, bruv. It's just a rap saying. 2Pac and all that? Never mind.]


Reader(s) ...

Lunch? Oh, I don't know. Cheese sandwich. Crisps. Yoghurt. Pepsi. Why are you so obsessed, dear reader(s), with what I have for lunch? Maybe you should get a life, yeah?

[I prefer Coke, as you know. The Pepsi was on special offer though. Six cans for £1.70.]

After lunch? Well ... I'll probably take Andy Main for a spin, No. 234. See if I can spin some sense into him.

I'm not getting my hopes up.