Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The FCA has fined Ian Hannam £450,000 (again) for market abuse

Well, never mind. I'm sure Ian can afford to pay. Maybe now he will see that he's been wasting his time with finance all these years.

Tracey says: "This has been a long and complex case but the Tribunal's substantial judgment is a landmark. It should leave market participants in no doubt that casual and uncontrolled distribution of inside information is not acceptable in today's markets. Controlling the flow of inside information is a key way of preventing market abuse and we would urge all market participants to pay close attention to the judgment." Here, have a look for yourself, dear reader(s).

Oh, I don't know. You've got to control inside information now. Where will it all end?

You'll have to control your thoughts, and your desires. / As an example, imagine you work at Aviva Investors, yeah? ... I want an ice cream. No, you can't have an ice cream. But it's sunny outside. I want to go to the park. No, you can't go to the park. Have a look at these spreadsheets. Fuck the spreadsheets, man! Are you insane?!

Absolutely horrible! However, that's the future. Total control! No eccentricity, no original thoughts, maybe even no emotions. 'Where are you getting all this from, boss? The FCA isn't stopping anyone having an ice cream.' But they will, Voice, they will.

Finance is becoming unbearable. Everyone has got to get out. Everyone has got to be free.


I did a conceptual yesterday, No. 235. That fooled you, didn't it, reader(s)? You weren't expecting one on a Tuesday. I'm full of surprises, me.

Today though I might go out after lunch. Park, ice cream, who knows? The pub? The FCA won't like it, of course. Tracey will probably call my mobile ... Mikey, you've got to do No. 236. Get back inside, boy!

No! I'm a free man! I'll do what I want. 'You live in a dream world, boss.' Shut it, you moron!