Friday, 20 February 2009

Allen Stanford betrayed by the world's most demonic financier

Dear reader, you are probably wondering how the Feds found Allen Stanford in Virginia yesterday when it was only early on Wednesday morning that I informed you he was staying at Jack's house in the Cayman Islands. Well, work it out for yourself. All right, I'll tell you. Jack Pickles has cut Stanford loose, thrown him to the wolves; basically, betrayed him. Jack may be a sick, evil bastard, but he is not stupid. I know he read yesterday's post about my little chat with JC. He didn't want that kind of heat. I actually heard from a very good source that he ordered a couple of his henchmen to bundle Stanford into a private jet and then just throw him out the door when they reach the US. All I can say about that is, Stanford should consider himself lucky that they supplied him with a parachute. Jack doesn't extend that courtesy to everyone who crosses him.

Allen, mate, if you're reading this: Jack doesn't like publicity. You had a close shave there.