Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A spiritual war

The battle for the soul is as brutal as the battles of men; but the sight of justice is the pleasure of God alone - Arthur Rimbaud

Dried blood used to smoke on Rimbaud's face, and now it smokes on mine. Pay attention to me: there is a spiritual war on. Filthy, degenerate communists are trying to humiliate us. Why should any banker apologize to any politician? How can a man be a man, after doing such a thing?

These are evil times. Too many false prophets. Too many experts. Too many commentators. And too many cowards! Too many weaklings seeking shelter from the storm of the New Depression. But I am a storm of a different kind. A storm of blood and fire. O my children, my brothers, my sisters, I am the storm from the desert that will shake the cities of the corrupt!

Believe in me. Believe in my pain. And believe in Big Herb. He died for your money.

There are voices crying in the wind. Be strong. Ignore them.

How many of us can truly say that we possess everything we desire? Have you enough cash? Have you enough gold? In your heart, is there an aching? O my children, yearn, yearn for more! And take everything!

When we go, shuffling off this mortal coil, we shall bring them down, the ignoble ones. We built this world for them. But have they any gratitude? No. And what would they have built? A world of shit, with everyone holding hands, in despair. They call it love. They call it humanity. But it seems like the worst kind of hell to us. And it is. A terrible hell they call the perfect society.

Are we all equal? Who could be equal to one such as I? Instead of this warped philosophy, we will follow our own values. Everyone will be as great and as wonderful as they possibly can be under the sun, and under the moon. No limits! Stretch your mind! Stretch your soul!

A long time ago I had only one blanket to keep me warm, but was I jealous of my neighbour who had two blankets? No. I do not experience such emotions. That is a strength. The communists do not possess such strength. They live in fear. And they want to kill the joy in our eyes. They want our souls to be as colourless as their souls are. This is truly a spiritual war.

Burning, burning, burning …

Does it all burn, everything? Yes. Yes. Yes. You know it all burns.

There will be light. Beyond the cities. Watch out for it.