Thursday, 5 February 2009

When a crunch comes

When a crunch comes, how does it take thee, O my children?

O Master, it hurts us.

I've seen the pain in your eyes, eyes almost dead, bleeding, souls hurting. Where is the relief? What can ease your pain? Your credit has been crunched, my children. But Big Herb still loves you.

O Master, he loves us!

Yes. Yes. Yes. Let's dance in the desert, moon or no moon. Let's die in the desert. A dreamy death forever in the desert. The champagne spills into the sand. Someone has spat in our caviar. I hear laughter. I see tears, and blood, and sweat. Not our laughter. But our tears, our blood, our sweat. The end of time. Is this the end, or only the beginning? The space inside - how big is it? Here's something for you: Fuck the unbelievers!

O Master, yes!

We will destroy them! There is a way out of this New Depression. I've seen the way in a vision. We shall never give up on money!

O Master, never!

We won't cry. We will build our temples out there! Vikram Pandit and the temple of his love? Ha! That is just the beginning. We will take Bob Diamond with us. We need Bob, and Bob needs us.

O Master, we need Bob, and Bob needs us!

Say it again!

O Master, we need Bob, and Bob needs us!

We all love Bob. O beautiful Bob, come burn with us! Dream with us. Swim with us through the astral sky. Come on, Bob! All the mystical children, come on!

O Master, we love Bob! He will burn with us!

Come on!

O Master, everything will burn. We will burn the shit out of the cosmos in our pursuit of money. Bleeding burning fires of cash making us well again, making us happy, making us believe in the times to come!

Making us proud to be capitalists!

O Master, yes! Making us proud!

There will be a burning!

O Master, there is a burning!

Yes. Yes. Yes. See how it burns! My soul in flames. Fuck death! This is too beautiful!

O Master, you are too beautiful!