Monday, 23 February 2009

Instinet: are they on your broker list?

Must haves -

Global pure agency broker burning in the desert, living the dream, knowing the way, loving the way, senses on fire, tears of rage, a burning wheel in your mind!

Market leader in trading quality in a world of fools, wisdom beyond comprehension, magic beyond imagination, words beyond meaning, showing you the lost gold at the heart of your existence.

Liquidity aggregation - light and dark swirling in the depths, drowning, hell in those waters, a stream of money, see how it flows!

No prop trading at all, no fear, no prisoners, no woman no cry.

No conflicts of interest on the battlefield of your soul, no fighting, no blood but fire everywhere!

Sales trading, programs, algos, DMA DOA it seems, CIA mind control, MOFO, crazy and bad.

Pre-, post-, and real-time trade analytics breathing in space, the space in your eyes, emptiness, loneliness, crying in the corner, sweetness, darkness!

Unbiased CSA management system just like you always wanted, when you were a child, ghosts followed you but you were not afraid, good for you!

Award winning smartrouter laughing at everything, like a sick moon in winter, who could want for more?

Award winning EMS yes yes yes, ah EMS, I see your light come shining, and I see the prison you've built for yourself.

Connected to all major global trading venues with a string of love, connected to the cosmos, connected to something deep inside, it burns, angels, good angels.

Price improvement in angelic ways, smiling, they love to smile, they love to love, but their skins are millions of years old, never mind.