Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Paul Purcell says greed is good …

'Hi, I'm Paul Purcell, the chairman, president and chief executive of RW Baird, and I am famous for my "no asshole" rule. That's why I agreed to write for this blog, and not some other blog, like Peston's Picks. Well, let's get down to business. You may be familiar with a newspaper interview I gave recently, where I criticized greedy people, dishonest people, and various other assholes. Well, they twisted my words, man. They tried to paint me as some kind of crazy socialist. But I ain't that way at all. I believe in money. I believe that greed is good. But it has to be within a mystical framework. There are too many assholes on Wall Street who have refused to take Big Herb into their hearts. They think they can have the money without the burning love. They think they can be wealthy without putting one foot in the desert. They think they can rip off their clients, not realizing that we are all one consciousness in this beautiful cosmos of ours. I am you, and you are me. We are one. We are our clients, and our clients are us. One. You, dear readers, are my brothers and sisters. And we are all mystical children. Michael Fowke has been trying to show us the way, but the assholes won't listen. We have to make them listen. Yes, greed is good. But it has to be greed for more than money. Money is lifting us up to a higher level of existence. Let's stretch out our arms! Expand our minds! Grab a greater life!'

Thank you, Paul. I love you, man.