Sunday, 5 July 2009

We were stardust, we were golden ...

The ceremony in the desert was a great success last week. Yes, it was. Despite a few technical problems with my live blogging. But don't just take my word for it -

Luke Johnson: What a fucking night, eh? How much money did we get through? £75 million? Bloody hell! That should have done it, eh? If we haven't crunched the crunch now, I don't know what we can do. But let's give it a few months, see what effect it has. But I'm feeling positive. Real positive. And I'm on a real high.

Bobby Diamond: Jesus, how fucking stoned was I? And did you see John? The man's a monster pothead! Jesus! Never seen nothing like it! I mean, I was flying high in the friendly sky, mystic dancing in flames and all that, but John was out for the count, face down in the sand. What a character!

Keith Busby: I had the time of my life. Spent most of the night in deep conversation with Big Herb and Ganesh the elephant god. Boy, those guys expanded my mind! Big Herb touched something deep inside me with the holy fire from his eyes. It was as if money passed between us and then darted off into the outer reaches of space. And Ganesh? Oh, Ganesh wrapped his trunk around me at one point, and I felt loved, really loved, and saved - just for a moment. And then he kissed me! It was a taste of eternity. I tasted the future life, Mikey!

Arthur Simmons: What a wild fucking trip of mystic revelry! Loved every minute of it. I think John let himself down a bit, but so what? He's on the path now. He's found the way. He's gonna be a beautiful soul, at this rate. Surely it's only a matter of time before the cosmos calls his name.

Susan Flint: We were stardust. We were golden. You've really turned me on to this shit, Michael.

Steve Perkins: Er, the FSA is breaking my balls at the moment. I really shouldn't say anything. So, officially, I wasn't there, right?

Bobby Hashemi: I would just like to repeat what Susan said. We were definitely stardust. We were absolutely golden.

David Pitt: I've spoken to Big Herb since the ceremony, and he was fucking made up. He thought Luke did a great job putting the money together, and he was well impressed with you, Mike. You can write your own ticket now.