Monday, 20 July 2009

Ross Hollyman is being followed!

O Master, what the fuck?! Yeah, my child, that's what I said when I found out this morning. Ross Hollyman has joined Liontrust Asset Management, believe it or not. But the real crazy shit is that Nikki Martin, Rob Cornish and Tom Ayres are all following him. Yeah, from GAM to the end of the earth, the end of the night, the end of the cosmos! O Master, that is some real crazy shit, for sure. Why are they following him? It's his name, man, my child. Hollyman, Hollyman, Hollyman! They think - yeah, they think it's holy man, holy man, holy man! Oh my God! They think he is a holy man. They think mystic light shines out of his beautiful eyes. They must worship the ground he walks on! Yeah, they do. Oh God, will they be let down? Of course they will. When Nikki, Rob, and Tom all discover that Ross don't know no mystic way out of this fucking crunch, they will probably crunch him. Ross is the man who would be the world's foremost financial shaman. O Master, but that's you! Fuckin' A it is! This guy is an impostor! A charlatan! O Master, a two-bit punk! Yeah. That's what he is. He's a punk!

O Master, what are you going to do?

Nothing, my child. I am above this shit. Let Nikki, Rob, and Tom deal with it. My mind is on higher things.

O Master, higher things? Tell me.

My mind is almost empty. Just light. This is the real light. The genuine way. It is inside me. Money becomes light. I am light. I am money. This is how you become a god. This is how you know truth. My heart is light, pure light. I am like a fucking sun! The way is taking me. Still a long way to go. This is the burning we all dream of. I am so lucky. Why was I chosen?