Thursday, 2 July 2009

Steve Perkins: rogue broker extraordinaire!

Yes, Steve Perkins is the PVM broker who did that bizarre trade with all those oil futures. Is he a complete nutter, or just misunderstood? Well, Steve is a personal friend of mine. This is what he told me:

'Mike, what can I say? I was excited, you know, looking forward to the ceremony in the desert, so I was all fired up - doing an all-nighter. You can dig that, can't you, man? (Sure, Steve, but what went wrong?) Well, it just occurred to me: Nietzsche, if he were alive today, if he were a broker, wouldn't he just take crazy risks, you know, volcanoes and all? (Oh, Jesus, Steve, I knew I shouldn't have mentioned Nietzsche in my Imara post.) Well, Mike, you influence a lot of people in this business. Maybe I'm a fool. Maybe I'm impressionable. But when you write in your blog, man, it gets me right in my heart, and in my head. On so many friggin' levels you're my hero, my guide, my guru, my master, my - (That's enough, Steve, really. I'm getting embarrassed over here.) I just want you to know how much you mean to me, Michael. Where you lead, I follow. It's an honour and a privilege to be your friend, just to be alive in these times, just to -'

He went on like that for a while. I never knew I was so loved.