Thursday, 30 August 2012

Antony Jenkins is the new chief executive of Barclays

And that's all I can say. / I don't know anything about him. No one does(?). Oh, they say he's the nice guy of banking, but what does that mean? The man is a mystery. Yes, I wrote a post about him a few years ago, but I didn't reveal anything. / And now? I don't know. Maybe there's nothing to reveal. Maybe Antony is one of these lost, empty souls dreaming of the fire of money without having the blood that makes it all bearable. I don't know. What do I know?

Maybe someone should take a square look at him, see him with square eyes. I'm not the sha/man for the job, am I?


I'll be working on a conceptual later, No. 50. I'm reasonably pleased with the way things are going.

I wrote about transcendence the other day. / Let me clarify. I think there have been writers who have sought transcendence through their writing, like Rimbaud and Mallarme, but the writing is what it is about, if you know what I mean. These writers tried to get out of themselves, but the subject matter was not transcended. / Yesterday's conceptual, No. 49, wasn't about Stephen A. Schwarzman. It was about something beyond him. And the reader can only get beyond by going a-ROUND and a-ROUND as fast as possible. (Well, gradually building up speed.) You've got to get into a certain state, and it will take more than three paragraphs. That's the transcendence. And no other writer has ever done that, until now. As far as I know. What do I know? / This is personal, anyway. I don't care if I'm the only person going a-ROUND. / I'm not even sure that I've explained this properly. Maybe it can't be explained. There's always going to be a problem with words.

My songs are still fucked up. If I could make a living as a songwriter, it would free me, here. It is absolutely essential that I get somewhere with it. I need more energy! I should exercise more. / You don't want to read all this. It's nearly lunchtime.