Monday, 20 August 2012

Now we have Three Arrows Capital to look forward to

A new hedge fund that will be launching in September. Kyle Davis and Su Zhu are behind it. These guys have been best friends since forever. They even shared a bath when they were kids. We're talking real close. Bosom buddies. They used to operate out of Hong Kong. But they grew tired of all that mild-mannered janitor shit. So now they've got a hard-on for San Francisco. A new place, a fresh start. I'm sure you get the picture. / I've got the picture. I'm going to make a fresh start, you know, move down to Cornwall, take my guitar with me. Man, I'll be a wandering minstrel, singing for my supper, my pasty. A couple of pints of cider, and there'll be nothing to worry about. I'll sleep under the stars.

On the beach at night, with a fat red moon in the sky. I'll forget all about the banks and the hedge funds. You can come with me ... you, you, you! I'll be the man, the leader of the tribe. You'll be the children. 'We're already the children, Mikey!' Of course, Voice. / When the end comes, the collapse of the financial system, we won't care. We'll grow our hair. We'll wear flowers in our hair! We'll be able to start over. 'It will be like the Garden of Eden!' And we won't need money. We'll make our own pasties and cider.

I don't know what Kyle Davis and Su Zhu are looking for in San Francisco. 'San Francisco died at the end of the Sixties, man.' Yeah. They would be better off coming to Cornwall with us. Maybe they will. Everyone is welcome! Everyone with a soul!


Did you read Felix Salmon the other day? Jesus H. Christ! He wrote some crap about how artists only make it, the big time, through luck, not talent. Bullshit! When I've finished writing my songs, I'll get a publishing deal for them because I'm working on the same level as Beatles and Bacharach. Luck won't have anything to do with it. I know it will be difficult to get publishers to listen, but the first publisher that listens seriously will want the songs. And remember: the harder you work, the luckier you get. / This is why I'm getting pissed off with the financial blog/news scene. It's full of people who know plenty about finance, but seem to know jackshit about anything else. Not exactly well-rounded individuals, are they?