Wednesday, 22 August 2012

It seems Eric Rosen wants a hedge fund as well, a credit one, Jesus!

He's not happy at UBS, even though he's some sort of co-head, a co-head of fixed-income, currencies and commodities, amazingly. He's leaving next month. The other head, Matthew Zola, will be taking over the whole operation. (I wish these "people" had bodies.) Yeah, Eric has only been at UBS a year. Maybe he's ambitious, I don't know. Anyway, he reckons he's starting a new hedge fund. 'Of course he is, Mikey. Does this hedge fund have a name?' What do you think, Voice? None of these hedge funds have names. 'Pie in the sky, ain't it?' You said it, Voice. But I suppose it's nice to have a dream. 'I have a dream. One day, I want a body. I want to be more than a voice.' Well, good luck with that. (I really thought I had killed all the voices. Am I just a mad head full of voices? How can I judge men like Eric and Matthew?) 'You can't! Only God can judge them.' Shut it! These guys aren't thugs 4 life!

Credit hedge funds? What will they think of next? And where do they get all their enthusiasm from? It's a funny old world.


I've been thinking about Cornwall again. I hope I can get away for a few days in September. I want to go to Looe. I haven't been there for ten years. Twenty years ago, I spent two months in Looe, in winter. Well, near there. Between Polperro and Looe. Near Talland Bay. Half a mile away, roughly, from Talland Bay. About two miles from Looe. And two miles from Polperro. Right in the middle, you could say. Might be three miles. I can't remember. It doesn't matter, does it?

I have this recurring dream. 'You have dreams too, Mikey?' Yeah. I dream I'm on holiday in Looe, but I leave without visiting Polperro. I actually wake up horrified. I've had that dream/nightmare seven or eight times now. I won't make that mistake in September, if I go.

In Polperro, there's a bench overlooking the sea, dedicated to a soldier who died in the First World War. After the pub at lunchtime, a few ciders, I used to sit there staring at the mist, listening to Leonard Cohen's Songs From A Room while eating chocolate limes. Happy days!