Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fandango: the most magical and wonderful film ever made!

It's August. Everyone's on holiday. No one is interested in reading about finance. I'm going to write about my favourite film.

Do you know what, son? I'm glad that hardly anyone knows about Fandango. It's like I'm a member of some exclusive club. And this club actually meets up every couple of years in Texas, you know. I'd like to go. I'm not sure I'll make it next year, but I will one day. Take a look at the fan website, Ultimate Fandango.

I got the DVD this morning, all the way from Holland. (I've had a copy of the film for a while - which my friend in Russia sent me - but this is better quality.) I first saw it over twenty years ago, only once, on TV. But I never forgot it. And I've watched it about thirty times in the last year. It's not a normal film. It's an experience that you live through. However, you've got to have some feelings - or you won't be able to appreciate it. Basically, you've got to be sensitive, man.

I like the girl in the graveyard: 'No, it's so neat.' If I ever have a daughter, I want her to be like that.

The kite near the moon? As I've said before, I remember a similar scene from my own life, on holiday in Selsey in the 1970s. I had a kite with loads of rolls of string all put together.

And I like the way the birds fly off outside Chata Ortega's Bar and Grill. Forget about the parachute scene. This film isn't about action, it's about magical moments: like the way they approach the Giant film set in the dark. And the way the lantern goes out after the wedding. And the way Costner fades at the end.

I've already written about Fandango, haven't I? Remember: 'Blue sky through the car window with Carole King on the radio - it's so magical.' One more time! 'Blue sky through the car window with Carole King on the radio - it's so magical.’ But you've got to see the film!