Thursday, 2 August 2012

Louis Bacon is giving $2 billion away!

Is he crazy? We all know Louis "Louis" Bacon, don't we? Moore Capital, you know. Well, it seems he wants less capital, not more. Can you understand it?

Louis reckons there are no opportunities in the current climate. Such a defeatist attitude! He says he might give up finance and go and live in a cave in the desert. Jesus! Hasn't anyone told him? The cave days in the desert are over. I put an end to all that.

$2 billion? The boy is crazy. / I know Louis is worried about who goes in the door first, and who comes out the door last. It's something I worry about, myself. And it's something William Blake and Jim Morrison worried about when they were alive. (They're past caring now. I know because I've spoken to them.) It's confusing, upsetting, and all mystics feel the same way. But what can we do? Should we give up? No! We have to soldier on. Let God worry about the ins and outs.


I'll be working on No. 41 later. I want to find some people with feelings. I have a theory that most people don't feel anything until they're dead. Without your body, you can float around and take your time. There's no pressure, is there?

Of course, it's too late then. We have to live NOW and in the FLESH. Let's feel something, please. Love, hate. It doesn't matter. Anything. Go wild!

Are you in the office? Can you see your boss? He (or she) needs help, enlightenment. Love, or hate. I won't tell you what to do. You have free will. But, please, use your imagination, yeah?