Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Felix Salmon is getting out of the financial journalism game

Oh yeah, he's sick of it. He wants out. So he's leaving Reuters. I don't blame him. / I can't say Felix and I are all that close, but he phoned me late last night with the news - which was nice. This is what was spoken between us -

Mikey, I'm leaving Reuters, man. (Yeah. So, Felix? So what? You'll only end up working with another bunch of squares somewhere else.) No, man. I'm getting out of finance. Leaving it all behind. (Bullshit!) I'm serious, Mikey. I'm getting out before you. (Bullshit! What are you going to do? Writing about finance is all you're good at, son.) Man, I've been reading your blog. You're the one who's convinced me there's a better life out there, somewhere. That's why I've just bought a Yamaha acoustic. (No! Which one?) FG730S. (Felix, that's better than mine!) What have you got? (It doesn't matter.) Yeah, you see, I realize now that finance is for squares. (Took you enough time.) I ain't gonna spend the rest of my life writing about banks and shit. (Okay.) It's the rock and roll life for me. Can I join your band? (Well, I don't actually have a band, Felix. I'm just writing songs at the moment.) Yeah, well, you know, give me a call sometime, when you're ready.

Ha! Yeah, right. I won't be giving him a call. / Dear reader(s), does Felix really strike you as the rock and roll type? It's just a fantasy. It's a phase he's going through. But I'm glad he's packing in the journalism. My blog does have some influence after all.


Anything else? No, I don't think so. Easter's just gone. Tomorrow, there may ... I don't want to think about it. / Getting out before me. I can't believe it. I'm a bit pissed off, actually.

Guitar? Well, I keep playing the same two songs, over and over again. You know, my songs. It's very frustrating. But I'm building up muscle memory, I reckon. / I want a FG730S myself. Reuters must be paying him too much. Not for much longer ...