Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ahmad Zuaiter has got this Jadara Capital Partners

I knew it! As one hedge fund closes, another one opens. We could go on like this forever, couldn't we? / I don't care about you, dear reader(s), but will I ever be released?

Well, this, er, Ahmad character. He used to be a vet. 'What?!' Yeah, apparently, George Soros owns a zoo, and Ahmed used to look after the animals for him. However, he tired of that work. He decided he wanted to be a fund manager like his boss. 'Ambitious guy, Mikey!' Oh yeah. Now Ahmed has his own hedge fund, Jadara Capital Partners. Frontier emerging markets, all that sort of thing. / So, you see, Voice, dreams can come true.

Jadara, Jadara, Jadara ... / By the way, "Jadara" is more than a name, you know. 'No, I don't believe it, Mikey!' Oh, listen, son. It is the firm's ethos that defines their culture and guides their investment philosophy and discipline. These guys aren't messing around. (I presume Ahmad has a few friends with him. Probably not from the zoo.) They believe that competence forms the bedrock of competitive advantage and is the single most important driver behind a sustainable competitive edge in successful investing. 'Well ...' Competence not only embodies the unique skill sets, mate, for identifying and exploiting investment opportunities as well as the intimate knowledge of the investment environment, it is also the targeted, disciplined and consistent approach to executing a successful investment framework and mandate. 'Unbelievable! And you say this guy was a vet?!' Well, he was a George Soros vet, man. I imagine he picked up a lot.

Anyway, I wish Ahmad the best of luck. He's looking for a few hundred million dollars from investors. 'No problem! You know what investors are like, boss.' Yeah, Voice, I know what investors are like. / Money, money, money ...