Monday, 31 March 2014

Sam Morland is retiring

Yeah, Sam is getting out of finance. His OVS Capital Management is shutting down and returning money to investors. I think it's for the best. I want all the other hedge funds in the world to close now. 'And the banks, Mikey!' Yes, Voice, and the banks. We mustn't forget the banks. / I've said it before. I'll say it again. Too many people are wasting their lives on this finance nonsense. It really is time to get out. 'Well, it's nice to have a dream.' Yes, it is. It's very nice.

I pray for the day when there’s nothing to write about ... / One glorious Monday morning, I'll look around the internet and won't be able to find any financial news whatsoever - I mean, genuinely, no news. That's my dream. 'God knows what the squares will do!' Eh? 'The squares, boss, who make their living (such as it is) writing about the people who make all the money.' Oh, they'll have to grow some balls, man, and go out into the world and get real jobs, real lives. 'Ha! That would be something to see.' It certainly would, son. / I've got my music. I'm making a fresh start. I'm getting a grip. Got to keep believing ... you dig, dear reader(s)?

Obviously, I mean no harm. I just want to wake everyone up. I used to think I could do it with the blood and fire in the desert. 'Ha!' However, no one understood. So ... I'm saying, get out! Save yourselves! 'You can't make it any clearer, boss. Are these people thick or something?' They're in a rut, Voice. They've been brainwashed. 'They've been listening to the wrong people.' Yeah, people like George Osborne.

Gideon still imagines there is some kind of economic recovery going on. Maybe for him and his mates.


Fuck it! Forget it!

I'm listening to Squeeze. I reckon they have eight or nine classic songs, which is pretty good. Think of all the artists with their Best of collections that only have two or three great songs. (Sometimes only one.) There are bands like Oasis, The Rolling Stones, and The Who who ('What?!') you could argue have about twenty truly great songs. The Beatles? Sixty or seventy. / It's hard to judge though. Some artists have loads of great album tracks that aren't "hit" material. It's all subjective, man. I don't even know why I'm writing about it.

Tempted is Squeeze's best song, I reckon.