Monday, 10 March 2014

There is no economic recovery in the UK

It's a myth. Yes, I'm afraid you've been lied to. / Lord Freud says he doesn't know why starving people in this country need to use food banks. He probably thinks food grows on trees. (Well, there are apples, I suppose.) / The use of zero-hours contracts by employers is increasing, massively. Businesses think these contracts are a good thing, but it's just ... slow suicide, man. It will catch up with them. / There are millions of people unemployed, in the open where you can count them - and hidden. / People get sanctioned for missing Jobcentre appointments by a couple of minutes. (Any excuse to make another human being totally desperate. Only following orders ...) / About a third of the jobs on the Universal Jobmatch website are fake jobs. They don't exist, son. Or daughter. / Oh, there are lots of positions for delivering catalogues. Are we going to be a nation of people who deliver catalogues? Is that what they do in Germany?

It's all very depressing. Clueless Old Etonian aristocrats aren't going to save us. You can see the corruption in their faces. And the evil, and the weakness - surprisingly. / I just hope that I am able to escape to Malibu before the collapse comes. I know America isn't a very fair society, and that it has massive debts, a lot of the same problems, but I believe it's strong enough to survive. Five or ten years from now, only psychopaths will have a chance of getting on in Britain. People who are prepared to do literally anything. You know, Mad Max types. / Did you hear about that girl the other day, the beautician in Blackpool? She thinks the British president is Barraco Barner. Is there anything else you need to know?


So, I'm going to play my guitar for a few hours after lunch, maybe ten. I want to get lost in music. I need to.