Thursday, 20 March 2014

Paul Capital is shutting down

Private equity, secondary market stuff, I don't know. / Er ... right, Paul Capital is a global alternative investment firm committed to creative and innovative solutions that provide flexibility, optionality, and insight for institutional investors around the world. / Well, it was. It's shutting down now. 'Oh no!' Yeah, they were going to sell, man, but it didn't work out. 'Never mind.' I think it's for the best, don't you? Philip Paul has enough money. 'Who is Philip Paul, boss?' Christ, Voice! Philip Paul founded Paul Capital in 1991. 'Oh.' Mr Paul has more than twenty-five years of private equity experience, having served on more than thirty VC-based boards of directors. 'What?!' Thirty, son! Thirty! He was previously Chairman and CEO of Hillman Ventures, one of the most active private equity investors in the Seventies and Eighties. During his tenure at Hillman Ventures, Mr Paul was a founding investor in several venture capital funds. He was active with loads of private equity managers before they actually formed the funds for which they are so well known today! 'Bloody hell! I didn't realize, Mikey! He deserves a rest.' Of course he does! But not just our Phil. 'Eh?' As I keep saying, everyone working in finance needs a rest, a permanent one. / Dear reader(s), I don't know what the deal is with you. I don't know what motivates you. Maybe you're a fucking lunatic. What do I know? But I'm sure you have enough money by now. Don't you think you should call it a day? There are other things you could be doing with your life. I'm not going to be writing this blog forever. I'm trying to get out. I've got my music. What have you got?

God!!! I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall sometimes. Why do you keep coming here, reader(s)? This is the blog for people who hate finance, yeah? (Not money, just finance.) / It's no good, all the grief, the stress. Something's got to change in your life. You can't go on like this!

Look, if you're in the office, just pop to the toilet for a few minutes. Sit in the cubicle. And think.

Would it be so terrible if you walked out today? Come on. Your boss is an idiot. Why don't you tell him (or her) how you feel? Get it out of your system, man. And then walk out that door.

Freedom is waiting for you ... Grab it with both hands, today!!!