Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why does the MPC destroy recordings of its meetings?

That's what Fundweb wants to know. It's a good question. / Personally, I think there's some sort of conspiracy. The MPC guys are probably lizards or robots, and they probably want to take over the country. That's why it's all being hushed up. We have no idea what these freaks are talking about in their meetings. I'm disgusted! What are we going to do about this, dear reader(s)?

Nothing? You just don't care, do you? You think it will never happen. They will never take over. You fool(s)!

Never mind. / I guess the beauty of finance is, it's so boring that no one really gives a shit what's happening. If finance was as exciting as rock music, most bankers, financial journalists, and regulators/officials would be in prison by now. Or swinging from lamp posts. It's the same with politics.


Rock music? I'm listening to Prince this morning. Purple Rain has just finished. I've got Sign 'O' the Times on.

I'm reading a really good biography of Prince by Ronin Ro. But it's making me feel bad, man. I need to get my life organized - and work as hard as Prince. Otherwise, I'll never get away from this blog. In five years time, the twelfth of March 2019, what will I be writing about? The MPC? Goldman? Some new hedge fund? Fuck off! Just fuck off, please, if you imagine that's my destiny. I shall be released!!!

Lunch? Cheese sandwich. Crisps. Yoghurt. Pepsi. Are you surprised? Nothing changes ...

After lunch? No. 201. You're not surprised, dear reader(s). I can tell. I mean, I can see you, you know.

HOT THANG! ... if you're a lady, of course.