Monday, 3 March 2014

Martin Coward wants some money for his pet dormouse

Oh dear. / It's sad, really. Martin Coward was planning to start his own hedge fund. However, he didn't have enough money. And he got depressed. So he decided to spend more time with his pet dormouse instead. Unfortunately, the dormouse is poorly now. It needs treatment at the vets. And that's why Mr Coward wants your money, dear reader(s). Yes, he wants you to invest in his dormouse, or take a share in it, or adopt it ... er, I don't know what's going on with this guy. We've all seen the adverts on TV: Adopt a tiger and get a free cuddly tiger toy! This is the same sort of thing, although Martin won't even be sending you the toy. (Which doesn't sound great, does it?) All I know is, I won't be giving Martin a penny ... because I happen to be pretty close to his ex-wife Elena these days, and she wouldn't like it. / So, sorry, Martin. Maybe my readers will help you out. I hope your dormouse isn't suffering too much.


Well, that's my good deed for the day.

I've got a lot of guitar playing to do, son. Oh, after lunch. / I usually do an average of six to seven hours a week, but last week I played my guitar for twenty hours - and I want to try and keep that up. Otherwise, I won't get better, man.

I've been reading a book about Pink Floyd. Apparently, Roger Waters used to call the rest of the group "The muffins". Roger Waters and The Muffins? No, I'm glad they stuck with Pink Floyd. It sounds more classic, don't it?

Guitar is much harder than piano, (wo)man(s). I recorded some terrible versions of You're Lying last week. I could get a Yamaha keyboard, I suppose, and arrange the song on that. / I reckon twenty hours a week will do it though.

Laters ...

Update (around three or four in the afternoon): I've just recorded some more terrible versions of my song. God knows how long this is going to take, man. / Oh, I might not post again until Wednesday night or maybe Thursday. I'll be doing most of my writing at the end of the week, anyway. Got things to do and that. There's nothing to worry about. / Laters ...