Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I've never heard of Skip McGee III! (And no one told me about Benros!)

Well, I have now, heard of Skip. (Three Skips in the same family!) But no one tells me anything. Apparently, Skip is really famous on Wall Street for being the head of Barclays over there (and other things). 'No, boss! He ain't no head of nothing no more! He's left.' Well, thanks for telling me, Voice. My wonderful intern, dear reader(s). 'I'm not his intern. He doesn't pay me!' You're not supposed to pay interns, you moron. Interns are miserable slaves. / Yeah, Skip McGee III has resigned. Never mind, eh? There are plenty more fish in the sea. 'What does that mean?' Not a lot.

Oh, in other news, Benros Capital has closed. A year ago. I've just found out, thanks to a French financier who sent me an email this morning. 'Did he just find out, Mikey?' No, he's known a long time, but some of these financiers are very perverse, you know. Especially the French ones. They enjoy keeping me in the dark.

If you remember, Benros was that fund they wanted me to be the chief executive of - I mean, Ariel Roskis and Daniele "strange name for a lad" Benatoff. Yeah ... / Well, I turned them down, and the rest is history ... / I don't know what the guys are doing now. I hope they're all right. They're totally clueless about mystical capitalism, but they're nice guys.

And, er, in even more news, I recorded My Heart last night and made a right mess of it. 'That's not news. That happens every day.' Shut up! / Too many mistakes to use, BUT ... I caught a vibe or something, a glimpse, of how great the song could sound. / If anyone decent was recording the song, it would be an all-time great anthem, like Lennon's Imagine or U2's One. And it's not even my best song! You're Lying is better. / I've got to get my shit together, man ... after the snooker, of course.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is winning the snooker, even though he doesn't seem to be at his best. He's the only player worth watching ... the game needs more characters, I think. Like Alex Higgins, beating the shit out of referees with his cue. Those were the days!