Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Max Keiser on RT

I've been watching Max Keiser a bit lately on RT. (Yeah, RT, you know, that Russian propaganda station. It's good though.) He has a strange manner, but he talks a lot of sense, I think. / Last night Max was saying that British financial journalists are corrupt and working with the corrupt government and corrupt banks to basically fuck up your average Joe in the street.

It's so depressing ... / My advice to everyone, is just to get out. If you've made enough money (and I pray you've made enough money by now, dear reader[s] square brackets?) get out, man, and save your soul. Your soul is in danger. I'm not joking.

I feel pretty dirty these days just writing this stuff as a reasonably detached financial shaman. 'Can dirt reach that high, boss?' It's starting to, Voice. Mount Olympus ain't high enough, apparently. / I can't believe Felix is getting out. Lucky git!

At least I have my conceptual posts, eh? It's a nice clean feeling when I'm spinning a-ROUND out of my head. No bad thoughts. No bad emotions. Well, there are, but I spin them away into nothingness. I transcend the shit, you dig?


God ... ha! Oh, some real getting out ...

Most people don't understand what God is. It's not an old man with a white beard pointing His finger. It's pure spirit, pure consciousness. No corruption! No dirt! It's beyond money, beyond politics, beyond phoney relationships, beyond scripture ... beyond the earth! Beyond the cosmos! 'I'm sold, Mikey! When are we leaving?' Shut up! You're not coming.


In the zone, now ...

A little slice of God looking for the big slice. Clean me up, and take me away! I want to fly!

The demons who want to conserve shit are shit-eaters. They love the corruption, the dirt. Their traditions are evil nonsense.

The devil owns this world and everything in it.

No progress can be made. That's the truth. Get out, and get clean. Don't have a bad thought or a bad emotion ever again.