Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rajeev Misra is leaving UBS for Fortress Investment Group

Yes, private equity and hedge fund stuff. Credit and real estate, with Peter Briger. I wish Rajeev all the best. (Not that he needs my wishes. He's Misra know it all, as Stevie Wonder might say. Or maybe not.) It's a smart move. 'Is it, Mikey?' I don't know, man. It's just something you say in situations like this, if you want to appear knowledgeable. 'Yeah. That's smart, that is.' Of course it is, Voice. I know how things work now. 'Seven years, man and boy.' I'm a professional. 'Of course you are.' / I'll be doing a number on Rajeev later. 'Brilliant!' No. 210 to be precise. I don't know the guy but - 'That's never stopped you before!' - I don't need to know, you know? When you're a mystic like me, all you need is a name. Then you get the vibrations. Rajeev is giving me good vibrations at the moment. 'Oh dear!' There's nothing sordid about it, man.

Well, well, er, well ... / And in other news, this Easter, David Cameron says he's a Christian. 'Ha!' Dear oh dear, eh? 'Dear oh dear, boss. You're not wrong!' / Right-wing "Christians" must be the most deluded people in the world. (Either that or the biggest liars.) Have they actually read the Gospels? I've read them. Jesus wasn't remotely right-wing. He was a socialist. He lived with the poor and the sick and the outcasts - and tried to help them, rather than fuck them up. / Oh, no one can be so deluded, man. So ... why can't characters like Dave be honest? If they want to serve the devil, they should just say so. I think we'd respect them a bit more, don't you? 'They should have the courage of their convictions, boss.' Yes, they should. 'Hell is for heroes, after all.' What are you talking about now, Voice? That's a film. 'Is it? Oh. I thought I knew it from somewhere.' Shut up, you idiot!