Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Is there something wrong with Jacob de Tusch-Lec?

Oh God ... some sort of crazy partner and senior fund manager at Artemis Investment Management ... / Jesus H. Christ! The poor man freely admits that he has been fascinated by finance since the age of thirteen. 'This is shocking, Mikey!' I know, Voice. I'm almost lost for words. 'Yeah, almost.' But not quite. / The most shocking thing for me is that he admits it. I mean ... I don't know.

Jacob says: "You go in to work and you have to deliver." Ha! Great! 'Amazing!' Why didn't he get a job as a fucking postman then? I'm sorry, but there's no excuse for this.

Jacob obviously isn't a reader of my blog. / I would imagine that most regular readers of my blog have sorted themselves out by now. They know the desert is dead. They know there's nothing left. Only a fool would continue with the nonsense ...

Music? Oh, what do you think? The same as usual. / I was joking the other week about having to be like Hendrix - I mean, the practice - but it ain't a joke no more because two or three hours just isn't enough. I'm going to having to play all day long, every spare moment. / I'll wait until the snooker is finished. I want to see Ronnie O'Sullivan win his sixth title. Damien Hirst isn't working at the moment. He's watching Ronnie - so I can as well!

My problem is the recording. I get nervous. I always play better when I'm not recording. What I need is someone like Cato in the Pink Panther movies to creep up behind me and - 'Smash you over the head, boss?! I'd do it - if I had a body.' No, Voice, switch on the laptop, the Audacity software.

Maybe I need a new guitar ... I know a good workman doesn't blame his tools, but the Yamaha FG730S looks really beautiful, man. / The impressive thing about Yamaha is that they give you more than you would normally expect for the price. (I've got the F310. Just over a hundred, plays like a couple of hundred.) The FG730S is around £300. Musicians on various forums have said you won't find a similar guitar by another manufacturer for under a thousand.

[Over twenty years ago, before I abandoned music, I had an Aria acoustic that cost me £300. I could do with that now.]

I'll see how it goes ... / I've got a luxury egg sandwich for lunch, in case you're wondering.