Monday, 19 January 2015

Antonio Batista, Jason Marino, Marco Minoli, and Filipe Bergana have all left Och-Ziff Capital

In the last week! The London office of the hedge fund. They just walked out the door - to freedom! 'Freedom, Mikey? I'm sure they've got new jobs somewhere else.' Why do you think that, Voice? 'Men like Antonio, Jason, Marco, and Filipe don't just decide - out of the bloody blue - to walk out the door to freedom. These guys love money the way you love playing the guitar.' Hang on - 'And I remember the days when you loved money too.' I still love money, man. However, some things are more important. Love and happiness, sunshine and lazy days in the park. 'What?!' Listen. I think changes are happening deep inside our ex-Och-Ziff friends, yeah? They've become dissatisfied lately, restless. Maybe they'll wander the earth now ... like, er, that Kung Fu guy and the Abominable Hulk. 'Where are you getting this stuff from, boss? Have you seen their LinkedIn profiles?!' Yes. 'Well, there's no indication in the profiles that these characters are anything other than bog-standard finance souls.' No, no, no! I'm looking at Marco Minoli's picture. (Marco was an equity investment analyst at Och-Ziff.) There may be a blankness in his face, but there's something in his eyes. Not exactly a fire, but ... he wants something, he needs something. Do you understand? 'No, I don't understand. You're looking for hidden depths where there are no hidden depths.' You're wrong, Voice.


The Voice is so wrong. I've got to trust my instincts. I hope Antonio, Jason, Marco, and Filipe find what they're looking for. / Guys, you can call me if you like. I'm here for you. 'Have they got your number?' If they look inside, they'll find my number. 'Christ.' No, Fowke.


Anything else? No, not much. Oh, I'm not going to the pub any more. Just one pint can give me a migraine that knocks me out for the rest of the day. I can't be doing with it.

Music? I haven't got anything on yet. Maybe Cohen again in a little while. / Man, I've put some new strings on my guitar. Yeah, I love the sound of fresh strings in the morning. They sound of ... victory! One day, I'll finish my demo.