Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Point72 Asset Management is doing better than most hedge funds!!!

Probably better than all hedge funds. A mere family office - with aunts and uncles helping out! How does Stevie Cohen do it? Is our Stevie a genius?

Point72 made close to $3 billion profit last year. Profit! 'Gross profit, boss.' So, Voice? It's still good.

The only thing that confuses me is that this "family" office has more than eight hundred staff. Does that sound right to you, dear reader(s)? 'Well ...' I mean, how big is Stevie's family, exactly? 'Mikey, there's his uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, maybe Mum and Dad, family on his wife's side - if he's married. It all adds up.' Yeah, but eight hundred?! Haven't they heard of contraception? I suppose we shouldn't judge.

Anyway, I'll be taking Stevie for a spin after lunch, No. 281. / I might cut down on the conceptuals ... to one a week. I don't know yet. How many more do I need? 'You can't have too many conceptual posts. They make the world go round.' They make my world go a-ROUND, son, without a doubt. I can't speak for anyone else. 'I can.' Shut up!


Lunch? The classic Morrisons £1 cheese and tomato sandwich. It's unbeatable for the price.

Music? My music? Well, I did a bit of recording last night. I didn't get my demo done, but I'm not depressed about it. 'Why on earth not, Mikey?!' Because, man, I hardly made any guitar mistakes. All the mistakes were just noises, hisses and clicks, which I can sort by buying a new microphone from Amazon. I'm going to get a cheaper, less sensitive microphone that doesn't pick up every goddamn sound in the whole house. Also, I'm going to drink a few glasses of water before recording next time. Apparently, that's good for stopping mouth noises.

Music? Other people's music? I'm afraid I'm listening to The Police at the moment - for my sins. Various songs. I really like Invisible Sun. And Bring on the Night is my favourite.