Thursday, 15 January 2015

Man Group has hired Moni Sternbach!

And the good news? The real good news? Moni is working with all the cool shaman guys at GLG, not all the robot squares at the main Man Group part of the hedge fund, if you know what I mean. Is Moni a financial shaman himself? I don't know. Probably not. I don't remember seeing him in the desert in the old days. 'He used to be at Cheyne Capital, boss.' Cheyne? Really? Well, well ... there are a lot of shamans at Cheyne, what with all the vibrating in a lonely cosmos and that. / So you never know, dear reader(s).

Oh, this is Moni speaking of his funds at Cheyne: The funds were run with low directionality and generated strong absolute returns with low volatility, low correlation and minimal drawdowns. That's the sort of guy he is. Er ... 'Maybe he's not a shaman, Mikey.' Voice, I'll take him for a spin after lunch, No. 284. Then we'll know.


Music? My music? Well, I might have a solution ... / The problem with My Heart and You're Lying is, they're ballads, and I'm no Tony Bennett, man. Do you know what I mean? Gordon Bennett maybe. But certainly no Tony Bennett. Pop songs are easier to play and sing. The song I wrote and recorded three years ago is a pop song (its title is a closely-guarded secret) and only took twenty takes. I've tried recording the other two songs hundreds of times. Perhaps I should dump them (for now) and record two more pop songs. Gilly, Gilly is good enough for third place on a demo. So, I need one more song. / The only thing I don't like about this "solution" is, my ballads are GREAT SONGS, you dig? Songs that no one else in the world at the moment can write. So I don't want to dump them, really. I don't know what to do. / The only other option is the nuclear option of playing and rehearsing every spare moment. But I'm not a kid. Have I got the energy for that? 'Prince is older than you, Mikey. He still works around the clock.' Yeah, but he hasn't got a blog to write, has he?

Music? Other people's music? I'm listening to Cohen's Songs From A Room. / Voice, who wrote the line: I took another bubble bath with my pants on - ? 'Christ! Not Cohen, surely?' Prince. 'Obviously, yeah.' Cohen!