Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Leadenhall Capital Partners launches a new catastrophe

Jesus save us, man!!! Your poor sinners are crying out for salvation!!! / Leadenhall Capital Partners ... just like that! They unleash it upon the world, chaos and disaster! 'Eh?!' It's the evil that men do, Voice ... and women. Truly, they are the masters of disaster! [Chris Leermouth is enjoying every second of it. Just watch him grin!] 'Wait a minute, boss!' Oh, what can we do, reader(s)? NOTHING!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Is this the promised end? Or image of that horror? From Leadenhall's website: Leadenhall Capital Partners LLP is a London based investment manager wholly focused on investing in insurance linked investments portfolios for institutional investors. Established in 2008, Leadenhall is a joint venture between an international Lloyd's of London underwriter of insurance and reinsurance, the Amlin Group, and a highly experienced management team. Through its hellish Non-Life investment strategies Leadenhall offers ... - Ah, I can't continue! My soul is in danger! Satan take them home!!!

'Boss! Leadenhall UCITS ILS? $80 million? It's a fund.' Don't give me cold, hard facts, Voice. You fool! / Uh, reader(s), I am lost in the catastrophe, so GONE(!) ... but with no rainbow to call my own. I see the storms of blood and fire, enough to overwhelm any shaman. I see the rain in the desert, and a bad moon. Lightning! / I must keep going, keep fighting!


Well, well ... 'Drama queen.' Shut it! / Anything else? Music? Last night I adjusted the structure of Monday's new tune and added a bridge/middle eight. It's now my best piece of music. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a decent lyric for it soon, and then I'll put it in first place on my demo and remove Gilly, Gilly. / I was going to start contacting publishers who are prepared to listen to new music - there are only a couple of suitable ones, unfortunately, Christ! - but I'll hold off on that for a while ...

Well, er, well ... / I'm pretty positive, man. In the free world? This is as good as it gets. 'It's just a dream, man!' No, Voice, you're thinking of the dummy lyric/title.