Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Nevsky Capital is shutting down

And the two guys behind the $1.5 billion hedge fund, Martin Taylor and Nick Barnes, are retiring now - in their forties! 'Oh, it's all right for some, boss.' I'm sure they'll be doing other stuff, Voice. 'What? Like playing golf?' I'm going to have to speak to you about your attitude, man ...

Ignore him, reader(s). He's bitter or something. Never had the balls to start his own hedge fund. 'I'm a disembodied voice. I don't have a body, yeah?' Shut up! Please! / Well, well ... hedge funds are dodgy. You have no idea what will succeed and what won't. The founders of Nevsky blame weak market conditions ... oh, I don't know. But I think they're better off out of it. Life is short ... you gotta do what makes you happy, you dig? 'Ha! Wisdom of the day!' I won't tell you again, Voice.

[$1.5 billion. American dollars. The firm is in London. What's wrong with beautiful British pounds?]


Anything else? No. Well ... / Music? I'm listening to Bob Dylan, Blonde on Blonde. This album was really the end of Dylan's amazing development in the Sixties (1963-1966). Then he had that motorcycle accident to get out of a massive tour that his manager was arranging for him. The next high point was Blood on the Tracks in 1975. Then Time Out of Mind in 1997.

As I've mentioned before (er, I think) ... inspiration is mostly bullshit. Creativity comes from hard work and willpower, and the pressure the artist is under. It could be an outside pressure, someone telling them they've got to deliver. However, the best pressure comes from inside, the sort of insane pressure guys like Beethoven and Picasso had (and Dylan, for a while). I can imagine Beethoven sick with anger and frustration because his Seventh symphony wasn't good enough (in his eyes). So he gave the world his Ninth. And I'm sure Cubism came from Picasso's intense desire for an historic achievement. That's how it works.