Monday, 11 January 2016

Stephen Ford has left Brewin Dolphin

Yes, our Stephen was the head of investment management at Brewin Dolphin and, er, some sort of executive director. If we can believe his LinkedIn profile - and I'm reasonably confident that we can - Stephen is now looking for new opportunities. 'New opportunities?! What does this actually mean, boss?' Christ! It means, Voice, that, sadly, Mr Ford still has the taste for finance. 'Oh dear! Doesn't he want to play bass in your band?' I don't have a band, man.
Finance! There are other things in this world, you know? And I'm not talking about golf. / Reader(s), open your mind(s)!!!

So ... / A desert. Astral? Physical? It is all emptiness. You could be wandering, endless night. Big moon. Or ... no moon at all. And the stars. The whole cosmos.

It is outside, and it is inside ... / Oh, blood and fire! Believe in the mysticism. The kooks are your brothers, your sisters.

And the THREE is pretty similar. Will you ever get beyond it, my friend(s)? A real challenge. YES! Oh, a bit harder than putting a little ball in a little hole.

YOU(!) ... must stretch yourself. Reach further - NOW! Your fingers may one day touch the face of God.


Well, well ... / I'm gutted David Bowie has died. When I was younger there was no other man that could get me to wear make-up and dye my hair. 'What?!' Shut up! 'I mean, how about David Sylvian, Mikey?' Oh, well, him too, I suppose. / Bowie's run of great albums between 1971 and 1980 will probably never be matched. 'The Beatles?' The Beatles had a shorter run, man, 1963 to 1969. 'Okay.' Er ... I would say that Bowie was/is the greatest recording artist after The Beatles and Bob Dylan. And he was ... the greatest rock star ever.