Thursday, 28 January 2016

Michael Mabbutt and Felix Martin have left Liontrust Asset Management - !!!

They were managing the Liontrust GF Global Strategic Bond fund, but Michael and Felix have gone - just like that! Resigned! No one knows what they will be doing next. 'You mean you don't know, boss.' No one knows, Voice. Not even the guys. 'Ha! I'm sure they know, man. They probably have plans to join another firm.' Oh, well, life is what happens while you're busy making other plans, you know? 'Eh?' Anything could happen, Voice. How do we know they're not going to join a religious cult? 'Do you have any particular cult in mind?' Well ... sure, they can join me, if they want to. I mean, maybe we don't muck about in the desert any more, astral and physical, but we still have fun, don't we? 'Yeah, with your conceptual stuff, getting DIZZY(!) all a-ROUND, like there's no tomorrow.' There is no tomorrow, son. When you're DIZZY(!), everything is RIGHT NOW(!), you dig? 'I dig it, baby!' Ha! / Oh, this Liontrust GF Global Strategic Bond fund is closing with all money being returned to investors. Which seems a bit harsh. 'Christ!' Can't anyone else manage the fund? Strange.

By the way, dear readers(s), I've looked, and, er ... well, I can't find any LinkedIn profiles for our Mickey and Felix. They're just not on it. It's pretty shocking in this day and age. 'You're not on LinkedIn, Mikey.' I was, for about five minutes. 'Why did you leave?' I couldn't stand the boredom. 'And now you're on Twitter. When will you be leaving that?' Soon, I should think. But enough of my awful online life ... / Obviously, it goes without saying that I - 'Wish Mickey and Felix all the best in whatever they do next, yeah?' No. It goes without saying ... I will be taking the guys for a spin after lunch, No. 385. 'Oh.' Of course, you could argue "whatever they do next" will be getting DIZZY(!) out of their fucking heads with a view to getting beyond the THREE. 'Beyond the THREE?! Some hope!' You never know, Voice.


Anything else? Music? My music? Don't ask! I'm desperately trying to come up with a lyric for my new tune. I've got no ideas at the moment. 'Shit, Mikey! Come on!' Yeah, I want to get things moving, man. I want this new song on my (other) blog within two weeks. The future of pop is at stake!!!