Thursday, 28 January 2016

Pamplona Capital Management introduces Pedro Rapallo to the world of finance

Well, that's not exactly true, reader(s), but I couldn't resist. A touch of bullshit never did anyone any harm. No, our Pedro is a veteran, certainly. He's just got himself a new job at Pamplona Capital, that's all. Yes, it's the Thursday night PR email, back by popular demand. Let me lay it on you ...

Pamplona Capital Management is pleased to announce the appointment of Pedro Rapallo as an Operating Partner in order to supplement its deal team and support its focus on the Iberian Peninsula. In this new position, Pedro, along with the Pamplona Capital team, will drive new investment opportunities in Spain and Portugal.

Great! But what did John Halsted say? I'm in heaven when you smile? No. He said -

"Pedro brings a wealth of local knowledge and expertise in Spain and Portugal and a large experience in the global financial services industry. Pedro's insight will be invaluable for Pamplona Capital as we increase our focus on investment opportunities in Iberia" said John Halsted, Managing Partner at Pamplona Capital.

Yes, said John Halsted. I'm inclined to believe him, too. / And Pamplona Capital?

Pamplona Capital Management is a London and New York based specialist investment manager established in 2005 that provides an alternative investment platform across private equity, fund of fund of hedge fund funds and single manager hedge fund investments. Pamplona Capital Management, LLP manages over USD 10 billion in assets across a number of funds for a variety of clients including public pension funds, international wealth managers, multinational corporations, family offices and funds of funds of funds of hedge funds. Pamplona is currently managing its fourth private equity fund, Pamplona Capital Partners IV LP, which raised $4 billion in 2014. Pamplona invests long-term capital across the capital structure of its portfolio companies in both public and private market situations.

So, there you have it, my friend(s). Don't you ever say I don't give you detailed information about what's going on. Don't you dare, man!


Well, that's it for this week. I can get on and finish that book now. 'What book, boss?' Creation Stories, Voice, by Alan McGee. And it's bloody good. Here's an example: My dad had one brother, who passed away not too long ago. He'd been shot in the head in Cyprus during the Second World War. It didn't seem to hold him back much. / Laters.