Monday, 19 December 2016

Aristotle Atlantic Partners - ?!

Well, it's a new asset management company. Over in New York [New York ... so good, etc.]. Joseph Benevento and his friends are mixed up in it. 'Who?!' Joseph Benevento, Voice. He's an ex-Deutsche Bank Asset Management executive. And so are the others. 'What others?!' His friends, man. Please wake up. I know you're looking forward to the Christmas holiday, a whole week off. I'm looking forward to it, myself. However, we've got work to do this week. Our readers are relying on us. 'Our?!' Mine. My readers, all right? 'Okay, boss. Whatever you say. / I suppose this new firm has "philosophy". I mean, with a name like that.' Yes, of course. They do have philosophy. Well, the parent company has, or the affiliate. [I don't know how they're working it. I don't understand all this business stuff. 'After all this time?' I'm on the mystical side of things, Voice. Always have been. And I always will be. I refuse to get my mind dirty! 'Fine.'] Well ... 'About the philosophy though ...' Well, it's actually Aristotle Capital Management that has the philosophy. See if you can dig this -

Increasingly, investment firms are organized around the "business" of asset gathering. However, we did not set out to invest in the manner that we thought would attract the greatest amount of assets. Rather, Aristotle Capital was founded on what we believe to be the implementation of an optimal investment philosophy.

In striving to optimize clients' risk-adjusted performance over time, we adhere to the following tenets: Identify what we believe to be high-quality businesses. Analyze businesses from a global perspective. Invest with a long-term view. Construct focused portfolios.

So ... 'Uh, is that philosophy then?!' Well, not really. Not as the great Aristotle would understand it. 'They're having a laugh, boss!' Ha! It's an investment philosophy from finance people. What do you expect? I think we should cut them some slack.

Jesus! Seriously. Maybe it's too early in the morning for all this. 'Yeah, I think so.' But I got up early. I seem to be getting up earlier than ever. And going to bed later. I hate sleeping now. 'Sleep is the cousin of death.' Who said that? 'Boss, boss, me! I said it!' No, idiot. Originally. Christ! 'Er ... The Game.' Hang on! / ... / According to the internet, he got it from Nas. You see, dear reader(s), I do do research. 'You do do ... ?' Yes, I do do.


Enough! 'Are you taking the rest of the day off, Mikey?' No. I gotta do do ... a conceptual, No. 474.

Music? Let's put The Game on. Just his best tune, Hate It or Love It. 'Groovy!' Big time.