Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Norton Folgate changes its name and appoints a vet

After just over 20 years the city-based asset finance and leasing specialist Norton Folgate has rebranded to Amicus Asset Finance and appointed Jeremy Guilfoyle.

Is Mr Guilfoyle going to look after the animals? 'What animals, boss?' I don't know, man. / Yes, dear reader(s), it's the Tuesday morning PR email, back by popular demand.

The business, which has brokered over £500m of asset finance and business loan facilities numbering over 10,000 individual transactions, appointed Jeremy from Paragon Bank Business Finance plc, formerly Five Arrows Business Finance plc and State Securities plc, where he held various senior management positions over 16 years.

Oh. 'Yeah.' I don't think he's a vet, Voice, this Jeremy. 'No.' Never mind.

A qualified lawyer, Jeremy has joined the team at Amicus Asset Finance Group with a remit to drive structural transformation and innovation, including Technical Support, Credit, Payouts, Collections, Asset Management and Legal. In his role as COO, Jeremy will be responsible for building robust systems to manage risk and deliver exceptional service to Amicus customers.

A lawyer! Why didn't they say? 'Well, what did they say, boss?' Uh, something about him being an industry vet. 'Veteran?' Well, yeah. 'Okay.' Ha! / Anyway, what does our Jeremy have to say for himself?

Commenting on his appointment, Jeremy Guilfoyle said: "Joining Amicus Asset Finance in this key growth period, is a really exciting opportunity for me. I am looking forward to leveraging my experience from a long established business and applying it in a business with Amicus' modern and forward thinking approach."

Fair enough. 'Surely the rebranding is the big story, boss?' That's what I'm thinking! I've got nothing against Jeremy. He seems a lovely guy. But maybe the PR people have got their priorities wrong, you dig? 'He might be a personal friend or something. Best man at one of their weddings or something.' Eh? Stop fantasizing, you little idiot! / Ah, here we are -

Amicus Asset Finance intends to focus its energy and resources on the development of its own lending proposition, facilitating deals from brokers and directly from business borrowers. Experts in the fields of Asset Finance, Leasing and Business Loans, the business is led by Robert Keep who, along with Jeremy, is supported by Jon Phillips, Head of Credit, Brendan Strong, Head of Lending Operations and the team of sales and administration staff and partners.

Okay. 'They couldn't help mentioning Jeremy again, could they?' Well, all right. Let's see what Robert Keep has to say. He's the managing director, you know.

Robert Keep, Managing Director of Amicus Asset Finance (formerly Norton Folgate) said: "I'm hugely confident in the experience Jeremy brings to the team and look forward to working closely with him as we build on our success to date."

Christ! Jeremy again! 'Everyone loves him!' It's absolutely bizarre! / Come on, Robert, son, focus on the important news, eh?

Commenting on the opportunities for growth in the UK, Robert Keep added: "We have an incredible opportunity in the North to further develop and establish Amicus as the independent lender of choice and this will be achieved by servicing the local business community and providing them with efficient access to funding. We achieved significant success as Norton Folgate; something I expect only to be enhanced and continue to grow as Amicus Asset Finance."

Well, that's better. 'Ha! You had to drag it out of him though, boss.' But we got there in the end, that's the main thing.


Anything else? Music? I'm experimenting with different acoustic guitar strings at the moment, trying to get the best sound. I've gone off those Yamaha ones and bought some Elixir ones instead. Goddamn nanoweb technology! I've living large now! 'Great!' However, I haven't put them on yet. 'Oh.' No, I'm using medium Martin strings at the moment. Medium strings are harder on the fingers, but I think they sound better for slow-paced songs with few strums.

What am I listening to? The Phil Spector Christmas album. Fifty-three years old. An absolute masterpiece!